3rd Annual Bronco Arena

3rd Annual Bronco Arena

Bronco Arena is CEO’s Business Concept Challenge and a mini version of the Bronco Startup Challenge. The event is designed to give top 12 finalists the opportunity to pitch to a panel of talented and experienced entrepreneurs. There are only prizes 3 winning teams however, all participants will leave the event with valuable feedback from five experienced judges and the experience of pitching in front of a live audience.


Straight Up is a posture correcting alert system that connects directly to your phone. Straight up consists of a convenient—easy to conceal—fiber cord, which you strap on under your clothing. It sends real time alerts to your phone when your posture begins to become poor to help one avoid discomfort and back problems in the future.

Bioscope is an alternative to the bulky, expensive, hard to use microscopes teachers and students use today. Bioscope involves an attachment which connects to one’s cellphone. This allows the user to experience the same levels of magnification as a microscope by just accessing the camera. They hope to make learning and science, cheaper, easier and more accessible to everyone.

Plastic Crafted is a plastic recycling fashion startup. They aim to clean up the ocean by acquiring their plastic from that which is found in the ocean. They hope to inspire others in being more environmentally friendly while providing customers with a fashionable and environmentally conscious product.

Unique Fidgeting Object, or UFO, hopes to help those who struggle focusing by providing them with a fidgeting object which allows them to calm down and effectively self-regulate. They promote concentration and decrease stress by having sensory balls and fidgets. Unlike the competition, UFO has optional attachments which allows the user to customize their UFO.

Simplift is brought to us by Bryan Limon, a finance student, with his presentation of an innovative all-in-one laptop case that features lift, mouse, and protective case.

Fantom is a redesigned fan blade based on the albatross wing. Developed cooperatively with NASA technology, Fantom’s blade is 11% more energy efficient than typical blades.

Maxprep Fitness developed a product/application that attaches to the weights at the gym and automatically records users’ sets, reps, and weight.

Need an oil change but feeling lazy to go to a mechanic shop? Then Mobile Mechanics is your solution. Mobile Mechanics is an app that allow your car to get check up at wherever you are.


Special thanks to our 5 judges for taking the time to attend Bronco Arena and provide those competing with insight and feedback!

Ryan Makarem, CPP alumni, co-founder of Gymonji. Ryan co-founded Gymonji that is a mobile app which connects trainers, instructors and nutritionists to users in a convenient manner. Gymonji not only connects people but it engages its users into the health and fitness community efficiently.

Lauren Tanaka, CPP alumni, co-founder of The Sales Concept. Lauren has built The Sales concept from the ground up to provide the businesses and independent designers with the knowledge and skills to strive in the fashion industry. The Sales Concept consults designers to fashion brands in various aspects of the business world.

Kamal Andrawis, 23 years old, is a recent alumnus of Cal Poly Pomona, class of 2016. Kamal is a young and very motivated entrepreneur. He’s currently pursuing his career at Northrop Grumman and also a founder and CEO of CollegePrints.

Esosa Agbonwaneten is a creative entrepreneur with a passion to cultivate the youth. Currently, Esosa is a founder and CEO of Bulletin, a mobile platform that keeps students organized and up-to-date with all the latest course news.

Yu Sun brought his technical skills and knowledge in judging these students presentations. As a professor in our campus, Yu is always interested in learning and developing students’ ideas.


1st Place – Fantom

2nd Place – UFO

3rd Place – MaxRep Fitness

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