Bronco Arena Guidelines


APRIL 20, 2017 / 5 PM – 8 PM | Cal Poly Pomona LIBRARY | Grand Reading Room / 3rd Floor



Bronco Arena

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization is proud to present the Third Annual Business Concept Challenge.

The best businesses begin as a solution to a problem. The Business Concept Contest is designed to help you turn your solution into what may become your own business.

Be part of a unique experience that may change your life. You could win CASH PRIZE for creating what could become a pathway for your professional life.

How to participate:

  1. Download the Concept Competition PowerPoint Presentation Template by clicking here. All entries must be made using this core template as a model; however, additional pages, data and media content may be inserted and the style/formatting of pages may be changed to suite your needs.
    Note – All entries must contain the core slides/topics included in the template, however, please feel free to use your own slide designs!
  2. Contestants can attend project workshops to accelerate their ideas and improve their contest entry. Workshops dates will be announced via social media and newsletter. There will also be a workshop for finalists to hone their PowerPoint and presentations skills.
  3. Contestants will enter the form and submit their presentation no later than April 3rd, 2017 at 11:59pm! If you have any questions regarding the application process, please email
    Note – Late entries will not be accepted.
  4. Highly ranked contestants (as many as 12, depending on number of entries) will be asked to present on April 20th to a panel of judges. Each contestant will have 1 minute to setup, 2 minutes to present their PowerPoint, and 3 minutes to answer questions.

Presentations will be judged on the following:

A panel of business professionals and instructors who have not been involved with the contest workshops will undertake judging.

  1. Core competencies. Each entry will be judged first on the basis of Core Template completeness. Entries that do not address the three Core Template topics will not be considered for “finalist” ranking.
  2. The quality of the problem-solution component. Entries reflecting a highly compelling problem and a commercially viable solution will be ranked above those that do not.
  3. The breadth of the market. Entries with the broadest/largest market will be ranked above those with less apparent market potential.
  4. Startup costs. It will be the judges’ discretion to determine the credibility of stated/anticipated start-up costs.
  5. Implementation viability. Entries reflecting highest implementation viability for the respective student’s available capability and resources will be ranked above those that do not.

Contestants will receive feedback at the conclusion of each individual presentation.

Finalist Selection:

Finalist will be selected on the basis of entry scoring and will be contacted through email for further information. Entries reflecting a high degree of viability will be listed for presentations on the evening of April 6th 2017.

Each finalist candidate will have 2 minutes to present their PowerPoint presentation and answer questions.

Final contestant ranking will be determined by the overall quality/viability of PowerPoint content and the presentation.

At the conclusion of the presentations, the judges will determine the First, Second, and Third Prize winners.

Follow-on Business Development Support:

The mission of CEO is to help foster an entrepreneurial culture on campus and to provide mentoring assistance to students who wish to start businesses.

CEO offers access to the mentorship and assistance through our organization and will provide assistance to interested, highly motivated students with clearly viable business concepts/plans.