Startup Innovators Speaker Series: Sandy Stone

Startup Innovators Speaker Series: Sandy Stone

Cal Poly Pomona’s CEO had another great speaker for our Entrepreneurship Month: Startup Innovators Speaker Series with Sandy Stone a CPP alumnus and co-founder of Pretend City Children’s Museum! Pretend City is a place that presents “the world in a nutshell” by creating a child-size city that provides children the ability to learn real-world roles. CEO had the opportunity to listen to Stone as she spoke about her experience building Pretend City and the obstacles she overcame. We thank Sandy Stone for visiting our campus and participating in our month-long Startup Innovators Speaker Series event!

Raising children to become contributing, responsible, compassionate citizens isn’t easy, what we feed our children emotionally, physically, spiritually and academically shapes their future. – Sandy Stone

Learn more about Pretend City Children’s Museum here:
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